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How To Use Clay For Skincare (With Recipes)
A check-my-email-while-brushing-my-teeth, cook-dinner-while-catching-up-on-Downton-Abbey type of gal. But i just found this link for deodorant containers if someone doesn`t have an empty one, the could buy a case of these(20 in the case), and then tell friends about making their own homemade deodorant with coconut oil and give them a container if they need one and want to try it.
From my experience with this recipe, as a whole, it would be better to let this one cool a bit before pouring it in the container, because the baking soda/corn starch does sink to the bottom as it cools and hardens leaving the top portion not as effective.
I then tried to make it softer, more like a cream, by adding more coconut oil (in liquid form), and that was ok when applying, but later on again, when I brushed my fingers on the armpits, the pieces were coming off from there as well, just as before.
At first it seemed to be working out well for me, but when I started to try to exercise while wearing it, or even just at certain times of my cycle, the baking soda would become way too irritating for me and I`d end up with very red and sore, chaffed armpits.
I do still have wet armpits sometimes, but no smell whatsoever and I like that I know exactly what is in it and that I can use what I`ve got to make it work for me. I may try the shea butter next go-around as we`re all out, because down here in FL it is SOOO hot that my entire bottle of coconut oil is liquid and I noticed my stick of deodorant was leaking a little the other day.
I can shower and an hour later, I smell.) Anyway, there was no time to undress, wash the pits,\" dry them off, apply the deodorant, and then re-dress, so I simply lifted up my blouse, held my fingertip in the jar of deodorant long enough to let some melt (sort of) ON my fingertip and proceeded to apply a small amount to each underarm.
The recipe will be runny in hot weather and hard in cold weather so make sure your container can handle both extremes I cleaned out an empty deodorant container with a clicking mechanism and it worked great for summer but not at all once it was cooler.
The cool thing about all the natural deodorants is that many things work as antibacterials, so whenever I find myself in a place where I need some deodorizing I can just look in the kitchen cupboards and often find coconut oil, baking soda, essential oils, alcohol, vanilla, honey etc.
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