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How to Choose Between Windows and Mac OS
Prior to deciding which product is best for you, we will provide you with the following assessment of Windows and Mac operating system.

If you spend a lot of your computer time playing games, then Windows is probably the best choice for you. Windows has a much larger choice in games, but a Mac user can find some games to play. The truth is that a Mac computer today can be run like a PC, when you use a program called Bootcamp on your MAC. There isn‘t much sense going to all of this effort, if you take your games that seriously. Your demanding games need a lot of speed and power, and you might not get enough by using Bootcamp, even though it is useful with some Windows programs. It might be kind of expensive, but for those who want their gaming experience to be the best, a PC designed just for gaming would be their best bet. For anyone who loves playing games, you should leave alone the Mac and go with Windows. When you get a Mac computer, already installed will be a wide variety of software programs that are useful. One of those programs is iLife, which has iPhoto, iDVD, iWeb, and iMovie included. You will be able to edit, organize and share your videos and photos with these programs. If you are looking for a computer that comes with good software, you won‘t find it in Windows. If you read the fine print, you will notice that a lot of software you are getting are free trials, so you are not getting all of the software you think you are. Many of these programs have to be upgraded to use them, after a month or so. This is particularly true of low-priced PCs. This could make the price comparison not seem quite as good for the PC when compared to a Mac.

With the newest Mac OS release: OS X Lion, you have built in security features that will keep you protected when someone wants to steal our laptop or notebook. Remote Wipe is a feature that has been available for a while on iPhones, but hasn‘t up till now been possible on computers. This will help you remotely erase your whole hard drive if your computer is lost or stolen. If you keep any sensitive or personal information on that computer, it will offer you some real peace of mind. You can only use this feature with Lion OS because it works through iCloud. There is not yet any Windows based computer that will offer you anything that is comparable. Obviously you still need to run backups of your important data so that, in the event that you do have to wipe your hard drive, you won‘t lose the data that is most important to you.

There are any number of reasons you might prefer Windows or Mac OS over the other. While this article has explored some of the major benefits of both, when it comes right down to it, you need to make your own decisions based on your requirements, budget and preferences. Whether you like Mac or Windows OS better is going to depend upon what kind of design, interface and structure you need from your computer.
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