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Jade Scape Condo
The Jade Scape Condo by the Qingjian Realty, the trending new launch in Bishan and the single new launch condo in the Bishan area. JadeScape condo will be seen just three hundred metres from the Marymount MRT ( Circle Line ), and is located at the actual region in Singapore. The Jadescape was Shunfu Ville, that was a HUDC types of housing on Shunfu Road. Shunfu Ville was bought via enbloc by well-heeled developer Qingjian Realty.
This housing was bought over for a big $638 million Singapore dollars and owned a sprawling land size that exceeded 400,000sqft. Jadescape Condo the former HUDC Shunfu Ville which was taken over Enbloc with full condo type of facilities. Jadescape will give numerous condo facilities for their residents to enjoy. With a huge total land calculation to make use of, Jadescape will be offering precisely 1206 units for situated around Jade Scape condominium.
As Qingjian Realty wishes to encourage good family ties, many activities will be provided for buyers. Also, several family-themed games will be planned owners during family meetup sessions at Jadescape residence. Jadescape Condominium Location on Shunfu Road past Shunfu Ville. Jadescape Condominium Organisation is really located inShunfu Road in the central part of tiny Singapore. The nearest train stop shall be a short 300 metre distance, which is just a short distance away from Jadescape Condo.
Both the Bishan Bus and Train interchanges are simply 1 MRT station from Marymount MRT. Once at the Bishan MRT, we can conveniently switch lines to go east via the East-West Line, head upwards using the North South Line, or opt to go towards the city centre. Jadescape Condo is strategically-located on the central area of Singapore. It is strategically-connected to the popular highways namely the PIE SLE and CTE expressways. The Jade Scape is found just adjacent to the popular Shunfu Market Food Centre.
Jadescape is located right beside the famous Upper Thomson Road which is popular for the numerous coffeeshops. The Jade Scape Condominium will also house creative house innovations which the creator is well-recognized for in previous property projects by them. This Jade Scape will be the house of choice for the modern types of residents. The Jade Scape will be adorned by many nature parks and reservoirs and should be a great option for residents who like being close to nature.
There should be a fixed number of around 1206 flats and will have small to bigger unit sizes. There could also be some high and low floor units too. There will also be many fun destinations and eating houses for owners to aim for. For buying, owners may go to the close Thomson plaza or visit the Junction 8 mall which is beside Bishan MRT .
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